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“Holocaust” from Microsoft will make you part of augmented reality

The research division of Microsoft has created a new technology for scanning and playback of 3D video called “holography”, which allows you to visualize the volume images of people anywhere in the real-time mode.

The system involves several 3D video cameras that take a person from several points and then gently “glue” the captured images into a 3D model. Then the model can be disposed of as any digital information: compress, instantly transfer to another location and recreate.

To see, hear the subscriber in the form of a hologram and to come into contact with him anywhere in the world, it is necessary to put a headset of the augmented reality of Microsoft HoloLens. In the process of communication there will be quite convincing illusion that your interlocutor is in the same physical space with you.


The girl is actually in another room

Another amazing feature of “holoportatsii” – the ability to save the record and reproduce it, after a while, or to look at what is happening from the side. Also, you can play the recording in a smaller version, then all three-dimensional characters will fit on the table. The participant of the project, Shahram IZAJI, compared the new technology with “walks in living memories”.


In extreme cases, you can talk with an intelligent person

For sure it may seem that this is one of many hologram technologies. The peculiarity of “holography” is the possibility of interacting with the object in real time, using existing platforms such as HoloLens.

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