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The HP Omen X Compact Desktop PC with VR backpack can offer you an untethered VR experience for ‘just’ Rs 2,94,988

The HP Omen X Compact Desktop PC has just been launched in India at prices that start from Rs 2,94,988. The PC comes bundled with an HP MR (Mixed Reality) headset, Omen Headset Omen Keyboard, and Omen Mouse.

HP Compact Desk and VR Backpack.

The Compact Desktop is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, which is one of the most powerful consumer-grade GPUs on the market today. The PC packs in 7th gen Intel Core series CPUs, with an option for an overclockable i7 option.

To manage data traffic, HP includes a ‘Command Centre’ software where, say, the Ethernet connection will help in managing gaming traffic while the rest of the downloads can happen over Wi-Fi.

The PC supports Dolby DTS and headphones, which should enable a virtual surround audio experience.

Along with the Compact Desktop comes the Omen VR backpack. This backpack is supposed to mount the Omen X laptop at the back. Therefore, while playing, gamers will be able to carry the laptop along.

To ensure an untethered VR experience, the backpack comes with 4 hot-swappable batteries. The PC can be powered by two batteries while the other two are kept for charging. HP has also added that the batteries can be swapped even while wearing the backpack. This ensures an uninterrupted wireless gaming experience.

Omen Compact Desktop and VR Backpack.

HP Compact Desktop and VR Backpack.

Since the fan exhaust in the PC is mounted at the top of the backpack, HP claims that heat is not transmitted to the user.

Apart from this, HP has also introduced the Omen X desktop, Omen X laptop, HP Windows MR Headset, Omen Headset 800,and Omen Mouse 600, among other products.

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