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Control of gravity will allow the military to see through the walls

Recently, a TV documentary on the production of the Air Force on the experiments of experts of the British military department for managing gravity was shown on British television. According to them, they developed a unique device – a quantum gravity detector.

In the future, this can lead to the creation of scanners, which use the oscillations of gravity, which will literally see through the walls and the earth. The scanner captures the smallest changes in gravity with the help of special lasers, which “freeze” the atoms in some position.

Then the scanner measures the dependence of atoms on the gravitational attraction of objects, which allows you to see the “picture” on the other side of the wall or under the ground. It is possible that this device will become the prototype of invisible sensors, which, moreover, can not be hacked.

Management of gravity

“Seeing” through the ground “is an obvious advantage from the point of view of national security,” said Neil Stensfield, a specialist in military technology. – After all, now it will be possible to control all underground caves and tunnels. In the civil sphere, our technology is likely to be used by companies engaged in the construction of utilities and road construction. “

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